Our Crowdfunding Page is Live!

It's make or break time - our crowdfunding page is live on Indiegogo.

And it is an exciting time. We've been working on launching this for the past few months alongside our website launch, designing the pants and everything in between. And we are asking for your help.

Nobody's Princess has started as a one-person mission driven purely from the frustrations of ill-fitting snow pants. We've heard the cries...

"Why don't they make snow pants for short women?"

"Why don't they make snow pants for fat women?"

"Why don't they make snow pants for skinny women?"

"Why don't they make snow pants for curvy women?"

"Why don't they make snow pants for petit women?"

"Why don't they make snow pants for women with hips?"

"Why don't they make snow pants for tall women?"

And you know that's why we are here. So what is going into the process?

Some of the things we've had to undertake so far is the starts of the design process, which has been 2-hour long chats at a time, sourcing fabric samples and having them delivered, spending hours going through our survey results, sorting through the data, talking to people in our snow community, creating videos to help spread the word, as well as social media.... the list goes on!


As of the morning of the 27th of October, we are already 37% towards our goal - it's been unbelievable. But we still need help!

Indiegogo Campaign

And as a thank you for supporting us, there are some very cool perks to pick up like limited edition t-shirt designs and merch that you can't purchase on the website, promo codes, as well as the ability to pre-order the pants at a discounted price - but, only in limited numbers so you'll need to get in quick!

Now, we are finally at the point where YOU, the women of the snow world can help us put our words and hopes into action. We need support now more than ever.

We want to help the short, the tall, the skinny, the curvy, the plus size, the apple shape, the mum tums, and, the bootilicious women of the snow world fit into their most comfortable and well-fitting pants. But we can't do it without your support. 

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