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Hi all! It’s been just over 2 months now since our Kickstarter finished and there is a bit to update you all on! As of this week, the pants have officially started production with fabrics, hardware and the finishing changes signed off, and ordered.

The pants are shaping up to be something amazing…. I am so excited to share this next round of changes and amendments to the pants. This round of prototypes saw a lot of changes on some of the smaller things that I am getting finicky about, and some more functional changes, too.

The long awaited update to the 3rd Prototype is here! You would have seen images floating around on our social media, as well as our testing of them up at Falls Creek.

First things first - the pants have far exceeded our expectations in regards to comfort, stretch, fit AND warmth. 

The first snow fell in Australia/New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, just as the International season comes to an end. Our toes are tingling with excitement, our feet are itchy to get out onto the slopes, and we’re gearing up ready to ride.

Hey NP tribe! It’s long overdue, but totally time for a new update! If you have been following our socials, you would have noticed that a few weeks ago we got a 2nd prototype of our snow pants and it’s getting close. Soon we are going to have an answer for snow pants for curvy girls, ski pants for apple shape bodies, snowboarding pants for bums, and snow pants for thick thighs! 
Well, some very exciting news – this week we received our very first prototype in our hot little hands! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. It’s so amazing that we’ve been able to get a real, to OUR and YOUR specification, pant ready to trial.
We've been busy! Meetings with our designer have gone well, where we've sat on the floor in piles of fabric samples and measuring tapes, pinning random bits and pieces to pre-existing pants and coming up with the solutions that will make our snow pants fit every shape and size. But, we've got exciting new updates!

It's make or break time - our crowdfunding page is live on Indiegogo.

And it is an exciting time. We've been working on launching this for the past few months alongside our website launch, designing the pants and everything in between. And we are asking for your help.

It’s here! After months and months of work on the back end, doing photoshoots and tweaking products, we’re live and online – ready to sell some of our merchandise which will ultimately be helping us make the best fitting snow pants, ever.